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An online learning community for middle and high school athletes who are motivated to learn how to take their game to the next level with nutrition
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YOU WANT TO... Be your best at practice and have energy to finish strong.

YOU ARE FOCUSED... You know what it takes to be a competitive athlete. Commitment, consistency, and focus.

YOU NEED TO… Reduce your risk of injuries by having a strategy for strengthening your bones, recovering your muscles, and maintaining your hormones balance.

THE WORLD OF SPORTS IS COMPETITIVE... How can you separate from your competition? How can you set yourself apart and reach a higher level of performance?

Why is nutrition important for high school athletes?

Energy For


You are training hard, most days of the week! You want to make the most of every drill, every touch, and every sprint to improve your game. With a consistent fueling plan, you can do that!

Building Strong Muscles

Your muscles are your tools, your secret weapons. They work hard to support you at every practice and game. Your strength, endurance, speed, and agility all depend on your muscles having the energy they need!

Focus and Concentration

At the center of every movement, reaction, or decision is your brain. With a solid nutrition plan, your brain will be fueled and focused on supporting you on and off the field.

Injury Prevention

Without enough fuel to support your training, growth, and development, you increase your risk for injuries and will feel more fatigued. Female athletes can experience irregular menstrual cycles or complete loss of their cycle.

Competitive Athlete Nutrition Academy

Join Stephanie and other amazing athletes who are dedicated to fueling and improving their game.

The Academy is a learning community for high school athletes that will give you all of the tools you need to energize your training, support your development, and take your game to the next level with a fueling plan that includes variety and your favorite foods.

The 4FUEL Method taught in the Academy empowers athletes to energize their bodies with confidence by teaching them to design their own unique nutrition plan that will improve their game, energize their body, and support their overall health.

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Competitive Athlete

Nutrition Academy

Meet your nutrition coach, Stephanie, and learn about the 4FUEL method that has helped hundreds of athletes fuel with confidence.
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What is included?


Monthly team Q&A calls
Join Stephanie each month on a team coaching call to ask your questions and to learn from other athletes.
Fueling Foundations Videos
You will have access to foundational fueling videos to teach you the 4FUEL method that has helped hundreds of athletes working with me 1:1.
Nutrition Handouts & Resources
With each topic you will have handouts and resources to help you focus on your nutrition goals and to build your fueling plan.
Monthly Fueling Focus
(Bonus Content!)

Each month we will take a deep dive into a specific nutrition topic, like pre-workout fuel, hydration, protein needs, under-fueling red flags, or travel nutrition. 

Recipes and Fueling Guides

You will have access to easy to follow, seasonal recipes to help you build your fueling plan using the game day and practice fueling templates.

Guest Speakers

Outside of nutrition, we will have calls with physical therapists, trainers, college coaches, sports psychologists and more to support you as an athlete! These calls will be scheduled based on the speaker's availability.

Over a $2600 value



What are other athletes saying?

The 4Fuel Method has helped hundreds of athletes playing at the high school, club, elite travel, and collegiate level.

Varsity to NCAA DI Lacrosse

"Sticking to my fueling plan... I'm seeing a huge change in my energy! Even my coach noticed."

Travel & Varsity Soccer

"I feel more confident in my food choices and I'm not constantly second guessing myself!"

NCAA DIII Cross Country

"You think you know what you need to eat as an athlete. But I always questioned and second guessed myself. I am already more confident in what I am eating... and we just started!"

NCAA DI Volleyball

"I am so glad I reached out for help. I knew creating a nutrition plan was something I couldn't do alone. I'm so glad I invested the time in myself because having a fueling strategy has made so much of a difference in my game."


Competitive Athlete

Nutrition Academy

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Sometimes, you just want to see what it is all about! The monthly membership is a great place to start if you are ready to start building your fueling plan.

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3 Month Membership


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When you are building your fueling plan for your season you want to set small goals each week. Three months is the perfect amount of time to build a solid fueling plan.

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You want a plan for every phase of training! This membership will give you the time you need to build your confidence in fueling yourself all year long.

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